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Ahh...the Almighty Silver Lining Post.

You know how people always tell you to look for the silver lining in every dark cloud? That's absurd. If something sucks, 98% of the time it just SUCKS. There's no hope or glass half full type crap in it at all.
Recently there have been lots of LLLAAAAMMMEEE things that have actually turned out aight for me.

First off, the new guy quit the other day. He was ok, but the best part was that I didn't have to train him pretty much AT ALL. He just knew how the printer worked. So now that he's gone I'll probably have to run deliveries AND run print production alone, which is going to suck PRETTY HARD.
But like I said, there's some silver lining!
Back when it was Mr. E, Mr. Z and me, we all took a pay cut so that we could hire Ms. H. Wow. Working three years, my pay had gone up 15 cents, then 20 cents, and then negative 135 cents. HOWEVER, now that the new guy is gone and sales are up a little, so if I can't get a raise NOW, then I probably never will. So that's nice.

Second, my computer is pretty much busted. I can't open half of the apps I need to, including the one I pretty much OWN a computer for. I'd reinstall Windows (again) but it really didn't help that much last time. PLUS Toshiba's drivers are SO insidiously f*cked that if I had to reinstall windows, I'd probably want to use the recovery disk, which -not only contains a horribly weighty Vista install- but is also totally lost.
BUT WAIT! Here's some good news! I've been making more music on my gameboy than I had ever made before. No more 15 second loops for me. I'm working on an entire dubstep mix that's already topping out at 6 minutes, and I'm aiming at 15. Hopefully more on that later!

Third, I think the cute lifeguard has moved away from our swimming pool. Not only was she cute to look at, but she was pretty charming as well, and also not an extreme stereotype of "lifeguard-chick." It's not that big of a deal really, I was just looking for a third thing to list here, and all the other Sh*tty things happening in my life right now have absolutely no benifits...
..but the benifit here is that I can be as FAT AND OBNOXIOUS at the pool as I want to be!

Actually, after writing these things out, silver linings still feel like a rip off.

^^^Might as well be empty^^^

PS - Finally some good news!

I'm currently downloading a dubstep compilation which has one of the best covers I've ever seen:

Is that Cid from Final Fantasy VII lighting up and listening to Dubstep?


So FLStudio just released Version 8.5BetaRC4, which seems to be working, so maybe a reinstall of Windows would have been a little bit hasty. Also that Dubfluence mix was AWESOME.

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