...I've been trained to make beats that would make a billy goat puke.


Two Weeks Off - Art Project

So I've got the next two weeks ahead of me full of nothing to do, so I've started on a little art project. Went to Main Art and got a couple of new Microns, an eraser, and a big 22x32 piece of paper.

I thought I'd brush up on my pen technique by doing a huge Berserk picture.

I got some pencils down the other day, and started inking last night. Today I worked on some armor. Here's where I'm at:
So over the next couple of weeks I plan to have it finished, but then what do I do with it?


The next morning, spent a few hours finalizing the armor, wish I was a LOT better with hatching, the smaller spaces weren't too difficult, but some of the larger portions (right shoulder) gave me some trouble.