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Fun at Target!

First off, a little Parking Lot etiquette: Having a dirty rear window gives people permission to write whatever they want on it. I usually don't indulge in this, but sometimes, inspiration hits.
This is the Options Screen at Target's Kodak counter. It's the place that lets you take digital pictures and print them out. I always thought it'd be fun to try to hack into one, but I never thought it'd be this easy. Check it!
At the bottom of this screen, there's a button that says "Setup." Click it!
Oh noes! The security in this area is tight! BUT WAIT WE HAVE SOME CLUEZ!
That's right! I just got me some toiletries! Hmm. Now I'd say it's a safe bet that Target just uses the store number as the password. And I also assume that the store number is on the receipt. Nowhere on the receipt is there a store number that is clearly labeled as such, but the REC# probably delineates what store the receipt comes from. Starting from the left and working to the right, I try the four digit groupings separately. I try "9248" ...no dice. "2478" ...
BLAHDOW. We're totally h4x0rz now. I don't take any responsibility for what you do with this information, OR what I've done. Learn how to random numbers Target.


ToS? Does that stand for Too Overly Sexy?!

So I've been using work for internets, great idea except that when you quit your work, you also give up things that you've been stealing from work. This is where my genius kicks in.
I recently gave up Verizon for T-Mobilezz because I could have a ridiculously cool phone and pay less monthly. At the time, I knew that T-Mobile did not allow users to tether their phone to their computers and use the 3G connection for internet. However, when my no internet situation kicked in, I thought "SURELY THERE IS A WAY TO FOOL TMOBILE."
And sure enough, there are plenty.
I settled for a program called PDANet, which lets you connect your phone via USB and use it as a modem. So far connection speeds have been pretty decent (100kb/sec downloads) but the connection has also been pretty unstable (kicking me off about once per hour or two).
But the end result? YAY FREE (or expensive depending on how you look at it) INTERNETS!

Emancipation Proclomation

Monday Morning 8:15 AM

Boss Via Text Message: Work started 15 minutes ago
Me Via Text Message: I quit.

Could a day go any better?

PS- If you know of any sweet job openings, PLZ TELL ME


Boy have I got a lot to blog about....

...but for now I hope you can settle with some entertainment!