...I've been trained to make beats that would make a billy goat puke.


The Tower...

Reaches it's zenith as it touches upon the hem of God's robes.
And as the earth buckles underneath, and the people raise their voices in awe and lamentation, the wind ceases, and clouds form a procession around the spire, as a snake biting its tail.



I know I said I was busy doing important things, and couldn't blog too often, but really I've just been lazy.

That being said, I've become obsessed with FMyLife.com, a site where people post reasons why their life is worse than mine. Needless to say, it makes me feel a lot better.

I recently signed up to moderate incoming FML posts, because they only display ones that get enough votes. I've seen a few pretty hilarious ones, most of them being misspelled, and horrible, like this one:
  • "This guy, was about to fingure me when he stops and ask me where is the whole. FML"



A quick note:

While I may be too busy (or boring) to post often as of late, I do have enough boredom and free time to perform routine maintenance on my blog.

I.E. Do this:
  1. Scroll to the bottom.
  2. Check out what T-Rex says.
  3. Refresh page.
  4. Repeat.


Yard Sale Madness!

Went yard sale crazy Saturday, here's a list of treasures:
  1. Voice Recorder ($0.50) - One of those little tape recorders that use those cute little tiny tapes.
  2. Sony Reel to Reel Tape Deck ($4.00) - Probably broken, but for Four Bucks I figured I'd be dumb NOT to buy it!
  3. Egyptian Dollar Store figures ($5.00) - A bunch of cheesy Egyptian statues, worst deal ever, but I totally needed them.
  4. Some Ventures Records ($1.00) - Haven't really listened to them yet, one live record, one studio. Might be awesome?
  5. SEGA CD + Accessories ($5.00!) - Holy crap! Best yard sale purchase of the millennium. It came with all the cables, two controllers, 5 games and it's all functional and awesome.
So of course as soon as I get it, I run to the videogame store and score me some discs, including one "Sylpheed," which is kind of like if Starfox met Gradius, except awesome.
As my jealous, jealous friend Alan pointed out, it doesn't look like the Sega CD's we're used to (bottom left) and that is because it is a previous model (bottom right).



^^^A VERY Badass Plugin^^^
I try not to blatantly advertise things much, which includes wearing tacky clothes with huge designer labels across my chest, bumper stickers that tell people what to do and who to like, posting ads on my blog telling people what plugins to buy, etc. etc.
However, this is a GREAT opportunity to get an amazing plugin for a RIDICULOUS price!
A description from AudioMidi:


PSP Nitro is the ultimate multimode filter plug-in. It offers many filter types derived from analog prototypes in addition to other useful processing blocks such as phaser, bit-crusher/downsampler, waveshaper and interpolated delay blocks. These can be connected to each other using virtually any routing scheme. The advanced control signal generators are capable of modulating most of the processing parameters, making this plug-in an essential tool for sound design and experimental purposes.


  • 4 sound processing operators
  • A wide variety of filters and other effects
  • Extreme internal routing flexibility
  • Two LFOs with advanced sync possibilities
  • Envelope detector with adaptive mode and ADSR generator
  • Virtual cables for connecting modulation sources to processing parameters
  • Advanced MIDI control
  • Library of presets
All I really know is that when I'm making a really gritty distorted bassline, and I throw in a PSP Nitro and use the Highpass filter mode, it TEARS A F*CKING HOLE INTO THE UNIVERSE.
That being said, the one drawback I notice a lot is that this plugin is a SERIOUS CPU hog, so I guess it's nice that they include 4 Operators on the plugin, so you don't have to set your computer on fire by running 4 instances on the same insert channel.

Anyways, here's the link to the sale, a FREAKING $135 plugin - ONLY TEN DOLLARS.

MEGASALE on PSP Nitro Via AudioMidi.com

The sale runs til August 9th, so freaking buy it now dummy!


Bored at work - Dream Illustration

Doodlin' Just for kicks, here's the first half of a dream I had last night. I got bored and impatient doing the second two pages, so the quality drops off pretty REALLY hard...live with it? Click for Full Size! I dunno why I did them on cardboard. Seemed like a good idea at the time.


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After the Beep!

I'll probably be pretty off and on over the next few months, because I've FINALLY started working on my long-planned, highly-awaited, often-put-off graphic novel!

I started on it the other day, and am just one page 2, so I expect to be pretty busy with it.

Here's a little preview, sorry for the bad quality (of the image, I won't apologize for the lack of artistic merit...EVER):