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Fun with the company jabber!

Back when Mr.E and Mr.Z worked at DTS, we would have some fun with the company's instant messenger service.
Mr.Z would always write something, usually profane, to the owner, and then I would reach over and act like I was going to hit enter before he could delete it all.
I got him on one of the more surreal messages:

But my finest work was far more malicious. For this prank, I simply wrote my own message, and then hit "Return" until the cursor was below my message, and then scrolled down so my message was out of view. Then Mr.E unknowingly sent my jest, along with his innocent "ok.":

Anywayz, just thought those were kinda funny.
Later...james taylor


  1. Anonymous12.6.09

    OOOHHHH no you didn't. Evil child.

  2. You don't KNOW me! I do what I want!

  3. heh heh. I remember that. What makes it worse is that the dude was fat and smelly...


    Mr. E