...I've been trained to make beats that would make a billy goat puke.


Track - Terminator 2 (Oldschool Atmospheric Jungle Glowstick Mix)

I made this track after watching Terminator 4 about 5 times and getting too psyched up about Terminators. It's pretty repetitive because I just wanted to finish it pretty quick, but it has some epic parts as well. All the synths are made using NI Massive, which is an amazing synthesizer that I am totally getting sick of due to the insane load I've been putting on it recently.
Over 9,000 points to whoever can tell me where the sound effects came from!
Direct Download:
B.Ultra&Basic - Terminator 2 (Oldschool Atmospheric Jungle Glowstick Mix)

[EDIT] Just saw today's xkcd comic:

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