...I've been trained to make beats that would make a billy goat puke.


Fun at Target!

First off, a little Parking Lot etiquette: Having a dirty rear window gives people permission to write whatever they want on it. I usually don't indulge in this, but sometimes, inspiration hits.
This is the Options Screen at Target's Kodak counter. It's the place that lets you take digital pictures and print them out. I always thought it'd be fun to try to hack into one, but I never thought it'd be this easy. Check it!
At the bottom of this screen, there's a button that says "Setup." Click it!
Oh noes! The security in this area is tight! BUT WAIT WE HAVE SOME CLUEZ!
That's right! I just got me some toiletries! Hmm. Now I'd say it's a safe bet that Target just uses the store number as the password. And I also assume that the store number is on the receipt. Nowhere on the receipt is there a store number that is clearly labeled as such, but the REC# probably delineates what store the receipt comes from. Starting from the left and working to the right, I try the four digit groupings separately. I try "9248" ...no dice. "2478" ...
BLAHDOW. We're totally h4x0rz now. I don't take any responsibility for what you do with this information, OR what I've done. Learn how to random numbers Target.