...I've been trained to make beats that would make a billy goat puke.


Just don't care...

I feel like I need to let something off my chest.
For about a decade now I've been let down by Snoop Dogg.
Once a G-Funk champ, Snoop and Dre would get me so psyched up with old P-Funk basslines, songs about being naughty, just really cool stuff. But then he went and turned into a little punk ass bitch who thought he was so cool because of his face hair. Nope, sorry bro.

But then something awesome happened. In a previous post, I espoused the Songbird Music player, and with good reason. The other day it automatically downloaded some mp3's from a blog called Mad-Decent, one of them being a new Snoop Dogg track.
The track is called "Snoop Dogg Millionaire," and is somehow related to that movie about some Indian gameshow, but I'll never know how exactly, because I'm never going to see that movie.
Here is the music!

Holy crap. Snoop Dogg dubstep. Maybe he's getting badass again.
Also worth noting: I saw that the track was produced by Wild Animals (John Legend, Kurupt, Murs), but also receiving credit is the Drum&Bass/Dubstep duo Chase&Status! I wonder who did all the work on this one...???

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