...I've been trained to make beats that would make a billy goat puke.



So, after hearing the Christian radio station in town promote it every ten minutes, I decided to subscribe to AFA Action Alerts, a newsletter that tells you what totally insane backwoods redneck evangelicals think you need to avoid. I've been so psyched up to learn what epidsodes of family guy not to watch, and what products I need to boycott because they target the gay community, but something has gone completely awry. Gmail has decided to block the Emails and list them as Spam, and in my haste, I never review the contents of my spam folder and just delete EVERYTHING. In the short span of time it takes from hitting the "Delete All Spam" button and all of the spam actually going away, I always see that "AFA Action Alert" right before it vanishes. A little bit of a warning: Ever since I signed up for the AFA A. A. emails, I've also been getting "Conservative Action Alerts," which I guess is the same thing, except for more about how Obama (who is following the same economic path as Bush Jr.) is running the nation's economy into the ground.

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