...I've been trained to make beats that would make a billy goat puke.


And the "Starting More Blogs Than He Can Possibly Keep Up With" Award goes tooooooooo-

UGH! Sorry I have had nothing to say lately, but I have some exciting news! I wanted to wait until there was a decent amount of material posted, but I figure it's about time I unveil the brand-spanking-new AudibleNinja Audio Blog!
Of course, I love Blogger, but BLOGGER BLOWS AT AUDIO FILES. Tumblr handles them well, and I have a better quota there than at the (vastly superior interface-wise) Soundcloud.

So I hope you'll check it out. I hardly have anything to blog about, but I always have new music to vomit onto the interet!

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  1. What the hoodle! I'll check out the audioblog.