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Terminator: Eden p1-2

I was feeling in a comicbook mood today (getting hyped about two upcoming events) so I sketched out a few pages of a story I've been meaning to get to!
It was after I sketched these pages out that my mom texted me and told me that 25 years ago today the world celebrated the premier of Terminator!

To spoil things a little bit, in my story, John Connor is getting ready to travel in time to prevent Skynet from doing something terribly awful and rude, when some T-800 model Terminators storm the facility and sabotage John's plans. As John locks himself into the time machine room, a T-800 messes with the console. ZZZAAPPP!!! John uncurls from his time travel pose, and finds that he has traveled THOUSANDS OF YEARS, and is in the middle of a lush paradise, with no civilization apparent!


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