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Yard Sale Madness!

Went yard sale crazy Saturday, here's a list of treasures:
  1. Voice Recorder ($0.50) - One of those little tape recorders that use those cute little tiny tapes.
  2. Sony Reel to Reel Tape Deck ($4.00) - Probably broken, but for Four Bucks I figured I'd be dumb NOT to buy it!
  3. Egyptian Dollar Store figures ($5.00) - A bunch of cheesy Egyptian statues, worst deal ever, but I totally needed them.
  4. Some Ventures Records ($1.00) - Haven't really listened to them yet, one live record, one studio. Might be awesome?
  5. SEGA CD + Accessories ($5.00!) - Holy crap! Best yard sale purchase of the millennium. It came with all the cables, two controllers, 5 games and it's all functional and awesome.
So of course as soon as I get it, I run to the videogame store and score me some discs, including one "Sylpheed," which is kind of like if Starfox met Gradius, except awesome.
As my jealous, jealous friend Alan pointed out, it doesn't look like the Sega CD's we're used to (bottom left) and that is because it is a previous model (bottom right).


  1. YOU SUCK! I hope you get your finger or wiener jammed in the front loading CD tray!!

  2. omfg Can I come over and play???